Desk Research / Internet Inquiries

Desk Research / Internet Inquiries

The Internet: A medium that offers a constantly growing wealth of information, which can be crucial for the assessment of insurance claims. Internet research is usually very time-consuming and requires adequate Know-How. As a company within the investigative business, we are well equipped with the appropriate knowledge and are looking forward to support you. 

Gaining clues via modern research techniques

Our experience shows that internet searches by the clients themselves are usually not as effective. Using modern search techniques and tool-based options, we gain information that can be of supporting evidence to our clients. Depending on the initial situation given, we research adequately, for instance, via social media, online auction houses and vehicle history databases.

Applying a High-Quality Research Tool

Together with cooperation partners, RCS has developed an in-depth search tool specially tailored to the internet. Very detailed search options can be carried out based upon specific terms and parameters. This tool can be adjusted to individual requirements. We will gladly provide you with more information within a personal exchange

Our Services:

  • Extensive internet research to individuals, companies, addresses, etc.
  • Potential Acquaintance
  • Back Ground Research to individuals, companies, addresses, etc.
  • Extensive Research Vehicle History (FIN databases)
  • Product and trademark rights (internet/internet auction houses)
  • Identification of illegal offers and auctions
  • Test purchase including detailed documentation
  • Tracing of stolen and counterfeit goods
  • Identification of seller, supplier and manufacturer

Our Goal:

  • Clarification of white-collar crimes
  • Obtaining facts presentable in the court of law

With years of experience in the field of desk/internet research, we are the right partner for your problem. Satisfied clients and absolute discretion characterize us.

We gladly accept the challenge! Surely, by now you want to know more about the core focus of RCS. Just call us on Tel. 06103 - 804980 or send us a message by email. We look forward to your contact request!

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