On-Site Inquiries

On-Site Inquiries

Our Services concerning On-Site Inquiries include e.g.:

  • Viewing/documenting location of damage
  • Inquiries within the nearby area (viewing of residential situation as well as possible interviewing of neighbors)
  • Open contact to all parties involved (clarification of claim, handling of claim related paperwork, , plausibility check)
  • Legendary contact to all parties involved (clarification of possible scenarios, plausibility check)
  • Interviewing involved companies
  • Contacting responsible authorities

With years of experience in the field of on-site inquries, we are the right partner for your problem. Satisfied clients and absolute discretion characterize us.
We gladly accept the challenge! Surely, by now you want to know more about the core focus of RCS. Just call us on Tel. 06103 - 804980 or send us a message by email. We look forward to your contact request!

Opening hours

We are from Monday to Friday each of

08:00 bis 18:00

reachable for you.