About us

Risk Controlling Services GmbH (RCS) was founded in 2002 by Rolf Marx. Prior to RCS Rolf Marx worked for many years in the criminal investigation department of the Hessian Police Force. Based upon his years of experience and his great Know-How, Rolf Marx quickly became a recognized player in the fight against white-collar crime.

Since his death in February of 2010, Risk Controlling Services GmbH (RCS) has been continued by the RCS-TEAM. A team of trusted and competent professionals. RCS supports national as well as international companies in cases of suspected fraud.

RCS itself is active throughout Europe and beyond.

We live by satisfied clients. Therefore, it is our greatest desire to fully support our client at all times. The client and his needs are our prime focus.    

Discretion and integrity are the two core principles of our company philosophy. We operate within the awareness that client care requires a high degree of sensitivity and trust. This enables us to offer our clients a first-class and individually tailored range of services.

Opening hours

We are from Monday to Friday each of

08:00 bis 18:00

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